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Sally Seifarth

1994 – 2009
Although we are all greatly saddened by her passing, we find it rather fitting that this is the first memorial to appear on the Blairsville Animal Hospital web site. Sally was lucky enough to stumble across the Seifarth family as a stray in 1994, not long after Dr. Livingston-Seifarth bought the practice. Even though she was probably only a few months old at the time, Sally was a smart girl, and most likely knew what she was doing. She fit right in on the vineyard, which became her kingdom, and protected it well. She chased off deer and other animals that would threaten the grapes. She loved doing belly flops into the pond on warm summer days, and would do it all day long if she could. She greeted visitors with gusto and even developed a following. She was also immortalized by having a delicious white wine named after her, Sweet Sally. Her soul was as bright and gentle as her soft, white coat. She lived a wonderful, long life that every dog deserves. There will always be something missing now that she is gone, but she lives on in the memories of those who loved her.

Cindy Lynch

Cindy was our first canine. She was a loving smart companion to us. She always brought you something in her mouth when she greeted you. Cindy’s passing has left a void in our family unit. She is now resting in peace with her feline sister, Mouser. They are running and playing together. Cindy Girl you will always have a special place in our hearts.

Mouser Lynch

Mouser was the Princess of our home. She was a warm loving pet. She will always be part of our lives through the many memories we have. Rest in peace Princess. You are loved and missed!

Friszo Kirchhoff: 1999-2013

We miss you so much Friszo!

Shirley Gelpi

1996 – 2010
Shirley was an opinionated cat that was well loved. She liked to tell you what she thought (a.k.a. hiss and growl) as she rubbed alongside you asking for pets, which always brought a laugh to those who cared for her.

Bacall O’Rourke-Cushman

1994 – 2010
She was the sweetest girl with the most beautiful eyes and silky hair. After sixteen years of living in Florida, Georgia, and Nova Scotia, she went to live with her heavenly pack – Brian, Bogie, and Sam. Free of her arthritic body and aged organs, we suspect she is able to again enjoy her favorite activities – running for balls and jumping for Frisbees. We will miss your tail wags, paw taps, kisses, and unconditional love. You will always be in our hearts.

– Mommy, Dad, Laura & Shamus

Jake Lamb: 1996-2010, Bella Lamb: 2002-2010

Jake was such a gentle giant of a dog. Everyone he met was a friend. Bella was as sweet as Jake was gentle. She was always so happy! Both will be missed by all who knew them.

Captain Butler: 1999-2008, Annie: 2004-2010

Captain Butler, or “Cappie”, was a handsome, kind gentleman of a dog. He brought “Little Orphan Annie” to his house, and told his owners he wanted to keep her. Such a sweet, happy girl, Annie was the first mixed breed puppy for the household. What an adventure that turned out to be! Annie was always a joy to have staying in our kennels. Both hold special places in the hearts of those who knew them.

Paco Barnes

1997 – 2009
Paco was a loving dachsund with a big heart. He loved to cuddle up in a ball in his favorite blankie with just his cute nose sticking out. He was the official greeter at the Barnes house when other canine friends came to stay. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Katie Hiers

Katie’s owner died in her sleep and she was turned in to a kill center where she was scheduled to be put down, but Corgi Rescue found her just in time and brought her to me. Katie wasn’t with me but 6 months as she had a devastating cancer. But certainly long enough for her to look at me and with that infectious grin, tell me how glad she was to be here. Katie had many favorite things to do, but she loved it when I was baking, barking like crazy whenever the timer went off, and no, she didn’t get any cookies. No words can ever possibly express how much I miss her and her happy antics. The house is just way too quiet.

Mackie and Milo Ballard

Mackie and Milo Ballard with Santa Claus.

Libby Beaty

Libby enjoying her favorite pastime – napping!

Mutley Rosenqvest

Abby Hiers

For those of you who never met my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, let me introduce her to you. Abbie was a cross between Minnie Pearle…she would bounce in anywhere, even the vet’s and say, “Howdy, I’m just so proud to be here”, and Mother Theresa, who said, “I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.”

Abbie was on her way to Corgi rescue when we found each other. That was 9.5 years ago. I got her for a companion to my other Welsh Corgi Charlie, who did come from rescue. From day one I have never seen in any living being such optimism. To Abbie each day was special and more exciting than the previous. She totally believed that nothing bad could ever happen, and her sheer joy for living never wavered.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, I tried to make each day special. I spent more time with her. I talked more to her, and made it a point not to miss our daily golf cart rides, scratched her more. Why hadn’t I been doing this before… maybe because I just took her for granted, or didn’t take the time, but she never gave up on me.

From Abbie I learned that each day I should be kinder to my human friends as I may not have that opportunity again… I learned a lot from her.

Deciding when to put her down would be hard. Abbie loved everything about being alive, even up until she left me. I thank God for having her in my life and I miss her so very much, but I know she went through the pearly gates of Heaven saying, “Howdy, I’m just so proud to be here.”

Charlie Hiers

At age six, my Charlie, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, arrived on September 27, 2000, from Corgi Rescue. He was so scared and from early abuse he had learned from puppyhood up, not to trust anybody. Charlie’s temperament was like that of Eeyore, who once said, “When someone says how-do-you-do, just say you didn’t,” and also Chicken Little because like her he was convinced “The sky is falling!”

But I loved this little guy and knew that he really needed me. I tried to rebuild trust, but his hurt was too deep. Charlie spent seven years with me and only at age twelve did he wag his “tail” for the first time….I’m so glad that happened before he died. And down deep I know he grew to inwardly trust me but outwardly he couldn’t show it. I’m also so glad I was here for him, as Stephanie, from rescue said he would have been so difficult to place.

Like all Corgis he loved to eat. Also on his favorite to do list was to take walks and if given the chance, roll in fresh cow patties.

One positive thing he did was always to come to my bed first thing every morning… no smiles or wags, just “good morning, time to get up.” And to this day, I miss that… I so miss that grumpy, woosy old man.

Max Cleveland

God Bless My Best Friend.
Max you will always have a place in my heart!


At age 11, Chloe was given up by her owner, made her way to my home and it didn’t take her much time at all to wiggle into my heart. We spent a lot of time together, as I wanted her to know how much she was loved ….and even the cats quickly adopted her. Chloe followed me everywhere, I guess she wanted to be sure she wouldn’t get left again even though I promised her I’d always be here for her. She was a joy to walk and her walks were her favorite thing to do. She didn’t need a leash and in a nearby pasture she would run wide open, grinning all the while. Then in 10 short months she left, as quickly as she came. Her illness was fast and neither of us had time to prepare for a good-bye. The house is again so quiet and that wiggle hole she made in my heart is still there… I so miss you Chloe, I hope your stay here was warm, safe, and most of all that you knew you were loved.